Jeffrey A. Dennis


Jeffrey Allen Dennis has served as the Senior Pastor and Visionary Leader of the Mount Calvary Baptist Church in 

Akron, Ohio since 1988. He and his wife, Angela Lynn Dennis (Lady Angela as she is affectionately called), have three children – who are all committed wholeheartedly to the work of the ministry; and six beautiful grandchildren. 

Pastor Dennis has received his Bachelor of Theology Degree; a Master of Arts Degree in Practical Theology from Ashland Theological Seminary, Ashland, Ohio. He is currently completing his Doctor of Ministry Degree from Ashland Theologi-cal Seminary. He has worked for the University of Akron, in Ohio, as a Consultant and Academic Advisor for its pre-college programs. He is a Certified Associate Staff Trainer with Leadership Dynamics International. This certification 

enables him to teach Leadership Development, Team Building, Church Family Planning and Marriage Team Building. Pastor Dennis received his Grief Recovery Certification from the Grief Recovery Institute. As a certified Grief Recovery Specialist, his training enables him to help people move beyond death and other losses. 

Pastor Dennis is the Founder and Executive Director of Project A.G.A.P.E. (Academically Growing and Promoting Excellence), an educational and social program that targets African American males aged 6-17 and their families who live in the inner city area. He is the Founder and Director of the Mother to Son program, a program that focuses on helping single moms and their sons. Pastor Dennis is also the Founder and CEO of M.B.H.G. (Minority Behavioral Health Group), a nationally accredited, state certified mental health agency providing culturally specific counseling services to individuals and families. He is the writer and arranger of the song, “Change Direction.” Change Direction is a national organization that promotes conversations around the issue of mental health and wellness. The song was performed by the Akron Symphony Orchestra and the Gospel Meets Symphony Choir. 

Pastor Dennis leads a group of professionals consisting of nurses, therapists, and case managers who provide services addressing the Infant Mortality challenge here in Summit County. This collaboration is with the City of Akron, Summa Health System, The Cleveland Clinic, Summit County Health Department and The Ohio Department of Medicaid. 

Pastor Dennis is the President of the Akron Unity Partnership, a collection of churches committed to partnerships in the interest of holistic community development. Pastor Dennis is the founder of the Akron Pastors’ Project, a program that educates and raises the level of awareness within the clergy community and the community at large regarding drug abuse, chemical dependency and mental illness. Pastor Dennis founded Bethlehem House of Bread, an extension of Ash-land Theological Seminary of Ashland, Ohio. In addition, Pastor Dennis is the Founder and CEO of the record company, POWAMM (Power of Word and Music Ministries). 

Pastor Dennis has served on various non-profit boards in the Akron area. He previously served as the Board President of the Center for Urban and Higher Education (CUHE), a public education and research unit within the University of 

Akron’s College of Education. 

Pastor Dennis was invited to Washington, D.C. by the Hudson Institute’s Faith in Community Initiative and the Center for Public Justice to speak on his strategic alliances with agencies in Summit County. This presentation was an in-depth seminar and press briefing on the “Growing Impact on Government Partnerships with Faith-Based Organizations.” He was invited by the U.S. Department of Education as a presenter at the first conference held by the Center for Faith Based and Community Initiatives. He received an invitation from the White House to present at the President’s first conference on the Faith Based Initiatives and in 2008, he was recognized for taking part in the Initiative’s success. He has received various awards and recognitions from offices such as Presidents Bush and Obama, Governor Kasich, the Mayor of Akron and City Council just to name a few. 

Pastor Dennis is a man who loves the Lord, loves his family and loves ministering to the people of God!